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Why I Started this Blog~

I am here to support families going through difficulties with their children. I will share quotes, articles, suggestions, and ideas to help with making life easier for parents and children. Also, please visit  to order special products such as books, CD’s and so forth. I will be offering a code soon for you to use to get discounts.You can also check out their amazing facebook Page.
My images and quotes surpass culture, religious beliefs… and random thoughts and ideas. I believe that if my inspirations resonate with you, then I have allowed the celestial one to perform through me, and remind us of our entire higher disposition, and that we are all on a journey. I am a mother, a teacher, an author, reiki master, spiritual healer practitioner to name a few. My goal is to teach the whole person approach, which is the cognitive, affective, and behavioral dimension of the human being. I oftentimes refer to the film classic, THE WIZARD OF OZ as being a wonderful allegory for what I want children to learn. An effective teacher is like the wizard who must help each individual appreciate the potential that resides within all of us. The potential to make the best use of our minds, our hearts, and those behaviors that can make the world a better place.

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