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Wishing You a Blessed Thanksgiving~



Hello! How are you? Are you hustling and bustling this week, or having some downtime?

I am lucky enough to be taking the downtime route, along with spending quality time with my sons just chit-chatting with them and watching them just be amazing brothers.

This is quite a gift, and I give God thanks for that. Tomorrow, we get to share a delicious meal and visit with family to savor and enjoy the festivities.

With an extra focus on gratitude this month, I get to ask my sons what they’re thankful for today.

My 14-year-old said he’s thankful that he has a nice mom…..(heh heh), family, and a nice brother to chill with.

My 19-year-old said he’s thankful for life, for a cool mom……(woooohooooo), family, a comfy home, food, and good health.

I love my sons!

They are my gifts from God and I am grateful for them, my family, health, water, my home, my students, my job that I love, my co-workers,

life, as well as the gift that God gave me of not worrying about things. I have the gift of letting things go and not letting things bother me. My beloved dad was the same, maybe I got this trait from him.

So, how about you…..what are you thankful for?


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