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Affirmations For Teachers~



Asset-Building for Teachers

I’m a powerful asset builder in the lives of my students.

I know and use students’ names regularly when I see them.

Each day, I greet students warmly.

I focus daily on young people’s gifts and talents.

I help young people use their strengths to overcome their deficits.

I regularly encourage my fellow staff members to build assets for and with students.

When young people are in trouble, I begin my interactions with them by focusing on their strengths.

Each day, I’m involved in spontaneous acts of asset building.

I’m expanding my positive influence by pursuing relationships with students I don’t know.

At least once a week, I do something for or with students that goes beyond their normal expectations.

I work hard to maintain relationships with the students I’m already connected with.

I have high expectations for myself, fellow staff members, and students.

I take the time to listen when students speak to me.

I help students visualize themselves performing at higher levels.

Before school, at passing time, at lunch, and after school, I’m out in the hallways engaging students.

I smile at and make eye contact with young people as I go about my day.

I believe that my power as a teacher comes from the relationships that I develop with my students.

I take the initiative in engaging young people positively.

I’m meeting state standards by doing asset-building activities.

I engage young people positively at school and in the community.



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Embrace the New School Year with Positive Daily Student Declarations(Affirmations) ~


I strongly believe that positive affirmations can be a very powerful tool used to change how each individual thinks and feels about themselves……which translates into attitudes and actions when facing others. Positive affirmations work by creating, developing and amplifying what is in our thoughts. This can be our attitudes, our thought processes, and everything else that runs across our mind. With constant use of positive affirmations, it is possible to reprogram the internal subconscious mind, changing the negatives into the positives.

I have found the use of affirmations to be a very effective tool in boosting students’ confidence. I find that they can work like a light switch, awakening thoughts of possibilities and success, in young minds. As a result, I rely on the recitation of affirmations on test or exam days. I believe that, if used consistently throughout the school year, behavior problems would decrease. I have proven this and it has worked for me. I found that children crave the positive validation that affirmations grant them. Even if doubted by a child (or, perhaps even her teacher), a consistent regimen of affirmations can change a youngster’s outlook about him or herself.

Here are twenty I would like to share with you.

  • I am ready to begin my day!
  • My mind is sharp!
  • I am prepared for whatever comes my way today.
  • I vow to work smart, and to do my best, all day.
  • I will be patient with myself.
  • I am enthusiastic about the new things I am learning/will learn.
  • I am focused on the things I have to do today.
  • I cooperate nicely with my teacher, and with my classmates.
  • I eat power foods that are good for my brain.
  • I get a good night’s sleep every night to rest my body.
  • I celebrate yesterday’s accomplishments, and I am not discouraged by yesterday’s challenges/difficulties.
  • I know what I need to know for this exam.
  • I will turn my nervous feelings into positive energy!
  • I encourage my classmates to be their best.
  • I have good ideas to plan my work from.
  • I am a positive thinker, and I am confident about my gifts.
  • I have gifts and talents that make me special.
  • I am a good problem-solver.
  • I ask for help when I need it.
  • I am a good listener!

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