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Wishing You a Blessed Thanksgiving~



Hello! How are you? Are you hustling and bustling this week, or having some downtime?

I am lucky enough to be taking the downtime route, along with spending quality time with my sons just chit-chatting with them and watching them just be amazing brothers.

This is quite a gift, and I give God thanks for that. Tomorrow, we get to share a delicious meal and visit with family to savor and enjoy the festivities.

With an extra focus on gratitude this month, I get to ask my sons what they’re thankful for today.

My 14-year-old said he’s thankful that he has a nice mom…..(heh heh), family, and a nice brother to chill with.

My 19-year-old said he’s thankful for life, for a cool mom……(woooohooooo), family, a comfy home, food, and good health.

I love my sons!

They are my gifts from God and I am grateful for them, my family, health, water, my home, my students, my job that I love, my co-workers,

life, as well as the gift that God gave me of not worrying about things. I have the gift of letting things go and not letting things bother me. My beloved dad was the same, maybe I got this trait from him.

So, how about you…..what are you thankful for?


How Will You Show Kindness on World Kindness Day?

In our crazy, scheduled worlds, we rarely take the time to slow down and reflect on how fortunate we are to live in a community such as ours – which already has a long-cherished reputation for community building and generosity. Random Act of Kindness Day is just that opportunity!

The aspiration for World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of country, culture, race, religion; and honor that we are citizens of the world. We can be active participants for a better world. We can have a positive effect on world peace, when we bring order into our lives. Be what you want the world to be. Carry out small acts of kindness. Make the world a better place. Do something for someone else. Spread some love and joy.

 As world citizens we have a commonality, and must realize that if progress is to be made in human relations and endeavors, if we are to achieve the goal of peaceful coexistence, we must focus on what we have in common. When we find likenesses we begin to experience empathy, and in such a state we can fully relate to that person or those people. While we may think of people from other cultures as being ‘different’ when we compare them with our own customs and beliefs, it doesn’t mean that we are any better than they are. When we become friends with someone from a different culture we discover that despite some obvious differences, there are many similarities.

With the day in mind, but not limiting to just one day, I’ve been trying to practice little acts of kindness all week…

  • Plan to do something special for my family, colleagues and friends
  • Send a small gift to a friend who needed some cheer, a lift
  • I plan to do meta, loving-kindness meditation daily
  • Pay the toll for the car behind me
  • Leave a dollar on the vending machine for the next  person
  • And my list is endless of the kindness that I practice on a daily basis like smiling at everyone, opening doors for random people, allowing cars to go ahead of me and more~

These and more. Little things, lots of little things… But I do believe that it is the little things that mean a lot. And that with each seemingly small act, we create a larger circle of giving, a larger opening of our heart. We all have something we can do, or give… And as the Dalai Lama also says, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

“Sometimes just a smile on your face
Can help to make this world a better place.
Stand up for the things that are right.
Try to talk things out instead of fight.
Lend a hand when you can, get involved this is good.
You can help to make a difference in your neighborhood.”
Robert Alan Silverstein

Oooooh…….The Peace in Blowing Bubbles is Magical~


I took the time this evening to go outside and breathe deeply while I blew bubbles that the wind carried down my street. With each deep breath, I let go of stressors and wished blessings and support to some of the kids at school, a friend in need after losing her mom, all the people going through difficulties with hurricane Sandy, and I wished joy for the birth of my friend’s at work beautiful bouncing  baby boy. I took the time to listen and watch the joyful reaction of those walking the street below me, wondering where the bubbles were coming from, and to see just how far the wind would carry them.

I closed my eyes and took a breath and blew…and smiled as I realized I had found a place of peace and relaxation once again. All with the simple task of blowing bubbles in the wind. AAaaaaaah……see blowing bubbles is not just for kids.

Breathing deeply and calmly is a great stress reliever and it can be beneficial to get in the practice of doing this at a young age. Tell each child to close his eyes, to focus on his belly and imagine it being a small balloon. Tell the children to breathe in slowly and imagine the balloon bellies getting bigger. As they breathe out, tell them to imagine the balloons getting smaller. Repeat this 10 times.


Despite the stereotype that stress is a grown-up emotion, children also experience stress. Kids can be stressed about school, homework, friends, not having friends, parents fighting, other problems at home and many other situations. For children to grow up learning how to cope, they need to be taught how to relieve stress. This can be accomplished in the classroom by practicing stress-relieving activities.

Bubble blowing can be done indoors or outdoors. You might have more success indoors because outdoors can be distracting. Give a bottle of bubbles and a bubble wand to every child. Have the children sit down on the ground, blow the bubbles slowly and quietly. Encourage them to really watch and observe the bubbles.

We all need to take time out to relax. Whether we simply sit outside in the garden or on our building stoop and close our eyes for 10 minutes, or learn how to relax our bodies so we can release physical tension during the day, or before sleep, learning to appreciate and implement a short, useful relaxation/meditation exercise and incorporating mindful breathing can be very beneficial.

Relaxation techniques can often focus on breathing exercises. Slow & deep breathing can have an extremely calming effect on the body and this process also encourages you to focus specifically on your breathing so you don’t dwell on other potentially stressful thoughts. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia advocates the use of bubbles to relax children before a medical exam or procedure. If a child is unable to engage in slow deliberate breathing on his/her own, adding a bubble wand to the exercise may offer the stimulation he/she needs to participate. If necessary, turn the bubble blowing into a game to see who can make the largest bubble. This encourages the child to maximize her control over her breath and remain focused on just the bubble, this basic and simple activity may lead to a less stressful health-care experience.

Children and adults alike may enjoy the recreational act of blowing bubbles and bubble wands and solutions are widely available and inexpensive (or a good old solution of water and dish soap). While blowing bubbles is entertaining for many people, it also provides some fantastic health benefits. You will more actively engage your lungs and respiratory muscles when blowing bubbles and this activity naturally stimulates your breathing, which can benefit some health conditions and is known to provide both a psychological & physiological improvement.

When you blow bubbles, your mouth, lips and respiratory muscles engage in a style of breathing called “pursed-lip breathing.” This is characterized by a narrower mouth opening and also resembles the type of breath you use to blow out candles. A “pursed-lip” exhale more thoroughly expels the “stale” air in your lungs, leaving room for fresh inhaled air and better circulation in your respiratory system

A simple Adult breathing exercise is below:


•Release Your Thoughts Exercise –

This simple breathing exercise will help you to re-establish calm breathing. It’s a great “quick-fix” exercise to get you through a stressed moment or an emotional situation.

Sit or lie in a quiet room with your eyes closed. Visualize your thoughts as a mass of bubbles and exhale slowly through your mouth. As you do this, imagine all those thought bubbles being blown away; you will already begin to feel more relaxed.If there is a specific thought or issue that you cannot stop thinking about, imagine a large bubble blowing up from your head. Visualize a “word” written across the bubble that represents this issue or specific thought. Then imagine taking a huge needle and bursting that bubble and see the “word” melt away in the mist created by the bubble bursting. Imagine yourself saying “I will not waste any more energy thinking about this now, I cannot solve this today. I am putting it aside and allowing myself to relax”.


So now pay attention to your breathing. Breathe deep, in through your nose in a long, steady breath. Feel your ribcage expanding out on either side, and lifting up – your lungs are two balloons that you are filling with fresh, clean air. Now breathe out slowly and evenly through your mouth, feeling your lungs empty and your ribcage slowly drop.


Stay clear and focused on your breathing and if your mind wanders, use the bubble bursting visualization and bring your attention back to your breath.


Stay with this exercise for as long as it is comfortable for you. When you’re confident and able to induce relaxation easily, you will be able to use it anywhere, whenever you might need it.

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